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Making A Tour: Leveraging The Tour Module For A Better User Experience

Bash is magic # no it’s not

Learning Markdown: 20 minutes that will change your life

Shipping Content With WP-CLI and Automated Testing And Why That Is Awesome

WP-CLI: Don’t Fear The Command Line

Nobody Wants A Website. They Want Results!

Discovery, Discovery, Discovery, Discovery! The Most Important Part of the Project

Every project is a story: Applying storytelling to your client interactions

Everything Louder Than Everything Else!: Navigating stakeholder needs through better discovery

Let’s Learn Git. No Excuses!

Pricing Strategy and Tactics For Agencies

So you want to speak at a camp? Yes please!

WCDenver Git Workshop Slides

We Are All Making This Up, Improv Lessons For Developers

WP-CLI Workshop



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