Follow that data! Letting your data tell you what works.


In a world of endlessly approaching deadlines and pressure for always better results, who has time to do a retrospective?  It turns out, successful teams do.  Undertaking the necessary discipline it takes to develop the habit of this part of the Agile process does take effort but the end results are well worth it.    

For a lot of teams that try, these end of sprint meetings can quickly turn into personal anecdote sessions and become completely based on ‘gut feel’ that is just a painful step that does not feel like it accomplishes anything valuable. 

What if I told you there could be another way?  

By following some very simple to implement practices, you can quickly base these retrospectives on real data and fine tune as you iterate.  Understanding your data is the single most critical step any marketing or content delivery team can undertake.  No miracle cure here, but instead, a recipe for better communication, clearer goals and how to go from 52 pickup to Magic the Gathering in a shorter time than you realize.