Shipping Content With WP-CLI and Automated Testing And Why That Is Awesome

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We live in a world of continuous integration, continuous delivery, version controlled code and configuration. Yet when it comes to delivering content we are relying on doing all publishing straight to the production environment and hoping it works, editing the live document to fix issues we only find once they are in production. I propose there is a better way.

Let’s build our content on our development instances the same way we develop code and configuration. Then using the power of Github, WP-CLI and Automated Testing tools like Behat, let’s professionally deploy our content to production will full confidence it works as intended. Let’s give editors better tools to build better content in a word of Gutenberg while saving anyone the need to overwrite the production database ever again.

Topics include:
WP-CLI for generating content
Connecting Github and your WordPress site
Leveraging multiple environment
Behaviorally testing content