WCEU: Paris is hot in the summer and you have to walk a lot. Who knew?

I ended up in Paris at the end of a two week vacation that didn’t exactly go as planned.  Parts of my vacation were amazing, like being in the middle of the ocean on the Queen Mary 2 and getting lost in a 1000 year old castle in Luxembourg.  Other parts were not so good, like the lack of sleep, blisters and some other calamities happening.   All in all I had a good time but I arrived back in Paris exhausted and just all sorts of out of it.
The amazing views and the always awesome WordCamp community were there to revive my soul and make my trip to WordCamp Europe 2017 unforgettable and a wonderful time.
So much went on that week, that it does not fit my normal format.  It would be at least 4000 words to capture, with any accuracy, my experience. So instead, I am going to make a top 10 list of my favorite memories and then just post a LOT of tweets with maybe a few comments in between.


  1. Getting to hang out with my team, Drew, Andrew and Matt, plus all our peers and friends from the WP world was amazing!
  2. Contributor day saw us get a lot of work done, including moving the WordPress Marketing Team to a Trello team for easier project management and tracking.
  3. I got to see the Mona Lisa and most all the other awesome stuff in the Louvre
  4. I learned a good chunk of the Paris Metro by heart and am confident I could get around that city without consulting my phone too much if I had to go again
  5. Getting to give my talk about Improv to a crowd of about 700 people. That was pretty cool.
  6. Inviting my friend on stage during my talk and getting to play and improv game with her.  (see tweets below)
  7. Chatting with camp leads about running workshops at two different, unrelated WordCamps later in 2017.  This blew my mind that I am seen as a subject matter expert.  So grateful
  8. Having very reasonable vegan options at lunch at the camp and about 1/2 the meals I ate in Paris.  The others were a bit of a challenge, but thank goodness for couscous.
  9. Meeting so many awesome new friends in Paris and singing WCKaraoke at a new karaoke club where I was their first US customer and we brought a larger crowd than they ever thought possible for their venue.  Was such an amazing time!
  10. Being part of the event where the Gutenberg plugin was released.  I used this amazing new editor to create this post (though I could not publish as a regular post using the still in Beta.  Instead I constructed what you see with the tool then copy/pasted) and will for all new posts moving ahead.  It is lightyears beyond the old editing experience and introduced the concept of ‘blocks’ to WP.  Everything is a block and these blocks can be moved around and reshaped at will making for a completely new posting experience.  I am proud to be one of the first 100 downloads of the plugin. I did it while Matt Mullenweg was on stage making the announcement about the plugin.

Onto The Tweets!

Exhausting but highly productive day with the marketing team at WordCamp Europe. Got some really useful content done!

I can’t believe. I’m here. My first WordCamp Europe and it’s starting…

A new feature project has been started by @schlessera to properly document the bootstrapping process

Wij investeren graag in de relatie met onze klanten. Het is dé sleutel tot een langdurige en prettige samenwerking. Bevestigd tijdens

Aujourd’hui c’est le Wordcamp Europe. Plusieurs conférences sur la sont proposées.

“Trust no one – don’t trust the people who wrote previous code, nor users that enter data.” @markjaquith

Next lightning @WCEurope talk: “Translating WordPress into a Language Nobody Speaks” @swissspidy

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Sitting here bursting with pride from so much awesome showcased work by the polyglots teams 🌎🌍🌏

.@alice_s_still on now at @WCEurope talking about how they started and developed her local WordPress meetup.

“You catch more flies with honey”. Thanks @strebel for sharing your experience. What an inspirational talk 🙂

Good talk by @McDwayne about @WCEurope . I particularly liked the “I love” & “Yes, and …” games. Also constructively!

Weaving threads between + , @mcdwayne delivers a magic carpet of empathy,humanity,and self-awareness. Coding? It’s This

Few things in life have made me as proud as having TinyMCE tweet about me.  Even though in this post I am abandoning their editor, the internet would NOT be as good as it is without their amazing work!  So happy!!

Living style guides from @sarahsemark can help you battles the monsters in your Code closet. Just make sure it’s not a zombie guide

.@michaelarestad states that a 12-year-old helped with the rest API. Mentoring, communicating, and patience are key.

In this talk of @mor10 gave an intro to CSS Grid and its impact on design Thank you Morten!

Very proud to be volunteers at the WCEU, une expérience si enrichissante, si émouvante, 92 pays différents réunis autour de WordPress

What an event, can’t get enough of it, see you at the after party WordCampers

You’ve been practicing your robot dance moves at and now the dance floor awaits @the after party @GoRobotNinja

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